Sheana+Drew | Cinematic Highlights

Sheana+Drew | Cinematic Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions “What is done in love, is well done.” – Vincent Van Gogh   Today we share Sheana and Drew’s “destination” wedding film. It’s a journey ultimately of luck and persistence, with odds of these two being together apparently once comparable to that of a Jets/Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Final haha!! If … Read More

Abhi & Neetu | Next Day Edit

Abhi+Neetu | NDE from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. How do I even begin to describe this wedding… this one was different, to say the least. I think back to my initial meeting with Abhi and Neetu, where time flew and we chatted for almost 2hrs. Neetu had been in the audience for a Next-Day Edit we had done that summer, … Read More

Larissa+Travis | Cinematic Highlights | Oahu, HI

Larissa+Travis | Oahu, HI from Michael J. Scott Productions “Today you receive the greatest gift you can possibly receive from another human being, because today you give the greatest gift that you have; and what that is, it is your heart.” What better place to declare one’s love for another than Hawaii? A romantic, island paradise in the middle of … Read More

Kris+Rosanne | A Maui Adventure

Kris+Rosanne | A Maui Adventure from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. “This is the place you have longed for, now that you have come.” This is essentially what the opening chant by the Hawaiian Reverend translates to. Maui is indeed a place of Aloha (Always Love Over Hate Always). This destination, with its rich and varying forms of landscapes … Read More

Sandy+Channi NDE | Playa Del Carmen

Sandy+Channi NDE | Playa Del Carmen from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. When first meeting with Sandy and Channi and we were going over the necessary features of their soon-to-be package, I asked the question of a Next-Day Edit and got a resounding YES! response. Sandy proclaimed herself as the “Queen” of Next-Day Edits and that she had watched them all! I … Read More

A Destination Wedding

Jamie+Michael // A Destination Wedding from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. I still remember the day we left for Jamaica. We had been going through a nasty cold spell of consistent -40°C weather as any Winnipegger would be able to attest to with the coldest winter on record last year. Of course with all the excitement of being able … Read More