A Destination Wedding

Jamie+Michael // A Destination Wedding from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo.

I still remember the day we left for Jamaica. We had been going through a nasty cold spell of consistent -40°C weather as any Winnipegger would be able to attest to with the coldest winter on record last year. Of course with all the excitement of being able to let loose for a week, I think there was the added sense of relief to just escape the cold. The small wedding gift Jamie and Michael a.k.a. “Team Kapoush” handed out to everyone probably sums up the expectations for the trip: a mug labelled with the words “I survived the Kapoush Wedding”. Some serious party-time was about to ensue…

Surrounded by family and friends, Jamie and Michael (Klassen/Buck Choi) were married oceanside on the beach. A big storm rolled through that morning and everybody was getting a bit antsy. But like the saying goes in Jamaica, “No problems man!”. The storm soon passed and everything went ahead as planned. The only time they got wet was when they decided to float in the ocean and roll around in the sand Blink 182 style for the “Trash the Dress” session!

There’s always challenges associated with Destination weddings. Videographers often have a lot of gear to haul around. I needed to be able to travel light and managed to get all the essentials I needed into one case. These limitations however also invited experimentation, which Jamie and Michael were all game for and we ended up shooting footage with everything from the standard HD DSLRs to go pros to even iPhone video (which held up surprisingly well quality wise).

Overall, it was a week filled with everything one could only hope for; lots of love, celebration, good company, and of course seemingly endless partying on an island where time slows down and you have no choice but to put your worries aside.