Sheana+Drew | Cinematic Highlights

Sheana+Drew | Cinematic Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions “What is done in love, is well done.” – Vincent Van Gogh   Today we share Sheana and Drew’s “destination” wedding film. It’s a journey ultimately of luck and persistence, with odds of these two being together apparently once comparable to that of a Jets/Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Final haha!! If … Read More

Charissa+Leonard | Cinematic Highlights

Leonard+Charissa | Cinematic Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions “When the wedding is over, and all our guests are gone; it’s just going to be me and you, and there’s nothing more I love than just being with you. Just knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with you, makes me the happiest guy in the world.” … Read More

Larissa+Travis | Cinematic Highlights | Oahu, HI

Larissa+Travis | Oahu, HI from Michael J. Scott Productions “Today you receive the greatest gift you can possibly receive from another human being, because today you give the greatest gift that you have; and what that is, it is your heart.” What better place to declare one’s love for another than Hawaii? A romantic, island paradise in the middle of … Read More

Linda+Edward | Cinematic Highlights

Linda+Edward | Cinematic Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions Linda and Edward’s wedding celebration was an eventful Chinese/Filipino fusion wedding that involved aspects from both cultures. Edward and his boys endured and eventually passed the multiple surprise tests the ladies threw their way, proving Edward worthy of Linda’s hand in marriage! It’s always a great time being a part of such cultural wedding … Read More

Kimberly + Adam | Cinematic Highlights

Adam+Kimberly | Cinematic Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions “I love you without knowing how or when or from where. I love you, simply you, without complexities or pride. I love in this way, because I don’t know any other way of loving you.” – Kimberly. Vendors Ceremony Venue: St. Edward’s Catholic Church Reception Venue: Millenium Centre Flowers: King’s Florist Decorator: The Little Linen … Read More

Kris+Rosanne | A Maui Adventure

Kris+Rosanne | A Maui Adventure from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. “This is the place you have longed for, now that you have come.” This is essentially what the opening chant by the Hawaiian Reverend translates to. Maui is indeed a place of Aloha (Always Love Over Hate Always). This destination, with its rich and varying forms of landscapes … Read More

Lloyd+Eloina | Cinematic Feature

Lloyd+Eloina | Cinematic Feature from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. Never have I seen such a large wedding entourage! I believe Lloyd and Eloina had approximately 23 pairs (including sponsors)! Eloina provides a pretty clear explanation in the film for why this is 😉 You can often learn a lot about a couple by the journey in which it … Read More