Phil+Cristiana Highlights

Phil+Cristiana Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo.

When I meet with couples, I’m usually ready for just about any question that might come my way. When meeting with Phil and Cristiana though, I have to admit I was caught off guard a bit when Cristiana (light-heartedly speaking) asked me something along the lines of, “Can you ever tell if your couples are going to eventually breakup?” I had to take a moment to consider this. Of course there’s no way to really “tell”, however I feel like it’s much easier to recognize love that’s enduring, complementary, and overall, fulfilling to each partner that likely has a lot of weight in determining how their future together will pan out. So, I responded by saying, “Well, I can’t really recognize couples that won’t last, but I feel like it’s much easier to recognize couples that will.”

With that said, Phil and Cristiana definitely fit the latter option. Cristiana is like an energizer bunny, always smiling, laughing, and keeping things interesting. Phil, while more reserved, has that quite prankster-ish side to him as well. It’s not that difficult to work with a couple that’s always having fun together. They just “get” each other so well and are always willing to be each other’s partner in crime. There’s no better recognition of love that can endure than that!




Photography – It’s a Love Thing Photography

Venue – Pineridge Hollow

Stationary – “Cristiana’s Creations”