Before moving forward, if at all possible, I’d love to meet with you in person to chat about my services and discuss all your questions and/or concerns along with your expectations for your wedding video. From there, I require a signed agreement to my contract terms along with a retainer of approximately 1/3 your final package price (including taxes). At that point, I turn away all other potential clients for your wedding date.

If I’m contacted about the same date from another couple, I will always offer the couple that first inquired about my services 7 days from the time that I notify them to make a decision before I open that date again.

Cheque, Cash, or E-Transfer are the preferred methods of payment. I do accept credit card payments, but there is a 2.5% processing fee. Before paying via credit card, please contact me for the required invoice number.

Definitely! I do require that you at least book one of my advertised packages, but otherwise you have free rein to further customize your package.

We will need to sit down and chat about your wedding and the number of events that you would like filmed among other things like the option of a Next-Day Edit and so forth to determine a package price. All in all, we will customize a package that best suits your needs!

Generally speaking, $100/hr per videographer. I offer a discounted rate of $75/hr per videographer to my wedding couples that have events spanning a minimum of 3 days.

I’m willing to negotiate discounted packages for Friday and Sunday weddings throughout the year as well as any weddings that fall between the beginning of November to the end of March.

My Business

I will always be the lead videographer. You are hiring me to film and direct my crew on your big day. I hire the additional videographers whom have worked with me on several weddings before.

I don’t really know the exact number, but it’s comfortably over 100 (and counting).I’ve filmed weddings from many different cultures, traditions and religions including South Asian (Sikh, Hindu, Sri Lankan), Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish, African, various European traditions, LGBT and even a Buddhist ceremony to name a few.

This shouldn’t even be a question.Yes, I love to travel whether it be inside Manitoba, out of province or even out of country! Additional fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire for more information.

Yes, I do have my own lighting kit that I bring along with me, just in case additional light is needed. I use LED technology which has a super small power draw and doesn’t get hot like traditional lights. The lights are only used for events at the reception, but I always clear this ahead of time with my couples to make sure they’re okay with it.

Yes I do. There’s always a backup camera body on stand-by, not to mention hordes of batteries and media recording cards that could last all day.

Currently, we film all our weddings with HD mirrorless cameras to go along with a plethora of both prime and zoom lenses to complement them. Our camera bodies are all the same model in order to maintain consistency throughout our multi-cam productions.

I prefer not to count to be honest… I think I’d rather not know. For the multi-cam live edits of the ceremony and reception, it’s somewhere in the ballpark of 8-10hrs per single hour of edited live footage.

We have a plethora of audio equipment including multiple wireless recording systems and external audio recorders to cover just about every situation that comes up at a wedding.

Your Wedding

Contact me and let’s set up a time to meet and chat more about your day!

There’s no definite answer to this question. What I can say is that the earlier you book, the better. Not only are the prospects better that I’ll have your date available, but furthermore you may very well be booking a package that might cost more a few months later. Once you book a package with me, I honor that price regardless of price increases that may occur later for the same package. I sometimes have couples that book my services almost 2 years prior to their wedding date. They often end up saving a lot of money for the package they book.

Yes, the entire ceremony and all the major events at the reception like speeches and dances are covered. These edits go on your DVDs/BluRay discs. The highlights and any other videos like the SDE are also included on the DVDs/BluRay discs. Chapter markers are also included for the ceremony and reception edits.

All footage filmed on your wedding day is immediately backed up onto two separate external hard drives to protect the footage in the event one hard drive fails. Once the wedding is complete, the footage is then transferred over to a mirrored RAID system (about as safe as it gets).

Due to the high amounts of data space that HD footage requires, I am only obligated to archive your footage for a minimum of 30 days after you have received your completed package (as per my contract terms).

Yes, you are welcome to obtain the raw footage of your event(s). There is no charge for this option. You need only provide me with an external hard drive that has enough space for the HD data as well as being compatible with the Mac platform. I am however, not responsible for any education of or how to use the footage for self-editing purposes.

Unfortunately, no. The retainer is non-refundable. In the event your wedding is cancelled, I am willing however to transfer your retainer to another date providing I have that date available.

Generally, no. In some cases if I have not worked at the location (especially your ceremony location), I will be sure to scout the location before your wedding day providing the venue is within or not too far outside of the city of Winnipeg limits.

Yes, we work really hard on your wedding day and unless you don’t mind us collapsing on the dance floor at some point, we’d love to have a moment to sit and eat.

For all my packages, I provide copies for the couple as well as each set of parents.

Photo Courtesy of  Moore Photography

“Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication during our wedding and the events leading up to it. When we were looking for a videographer we knew we had to find someone who would really listen to what we valued, and someone whose style matched our own. But beyond this, we were looking for someone who had the ability to capture the emotion behind all of our special moments – the important ones and the seemingly unimportant ones- and you did just that and more. What we most appreciated was that you were able to capture all of our wedding events in such an unobtrusive way, making both us, and our guests, feel extremely comfortable. This resulted in amazing candid shots, and one beautiful next day edit! We couldn’t be happier and we cannot wait for our cinematic feature!!!”

– Preet & Nirav

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Keith Photography

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