Kimberly+Adam SDE

Kimberly+Adam | SDE from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. Who could of predicted that a casual visit to Baked Expectations with friends would end up changing two lives forever more. That’s exactly what happened when Kimberly met Adam there by chance one day. Their affection and love for one another has only grown stronger since. It was a pleasure to share … Read More

Murray+Annie Highlights

Murray+Annie Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. Murray and Annie decided a couple weeks before that they wanted to have their wedding filmed and we’re glad they did! We wish the two of them a future of much love and happiness as they go forward in their lives together! Vendors Photography – Joseph Keith Photography

Michelle + Anonh SDE

Michelle+Anonh | SDE from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. A Love Beyond Boundaries For Michelle and Anonh’s ceremony service, Father Sam poignantly spoke of the nature of love and its ability to move us beyond all kinds of boundaries. He spoke of how love makes us “be”, by not just feeling love, but by living that love. His words seemed so … Read More

Kayla+Brian Highlights

Kayla+Brian Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. “Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It is a choice. Think not 30% chance of rain, but 70% chance of sunshine” It is seemingly every bride’s worst nightmare; pouring rain on the day of her wedding, especially when the ceremony is scheduled to take place outdoors! Kayla and her … Read More

Anmol + Joti NDE

Anmol + Joti NDE from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. “I’ve been waiting for this day for so long” Every now and then you encounter moments that just hit you with a big, emotional punch. These moments aren’t scripted, can’t be forced and they happen so unexpectedly. When you’re in that right place at the right time and you … Read More

Kval+Rakesh NDE

We had the pleasure of being able to film the majority of wedding events for Kval and Rakesh that took place here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. When the main day finally came around, Kval looked absolutely stunning in her dress and Rakesh found himself paying a few extra dollars more than he wanted to get his shoes back! We’re happy to … Read More

Jillian+Sean SDE

Jillian + Sean SDE from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. It was a day filled with bursting smiles, infectious laughter, a few tears and abundant celebration. The smiles on Jillian and Sean’s faces never faded the entire day as they were married at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Together they had such an amazing energy, along with their wedding party that made … Read More

Kristina+Ryan Highlights

Kristina + Ryan Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. The most satisfying part of my “job” is being able to create story from the footage we film with our couples on one of the most important days in their lives. Moreover, I’m often intrigued by how my couples came to be, to reach this point in their lives. … Read More

Harsan+Gurpreet Cinematic Feature

Harsan+Gurpreet \\ Cinematic Feature from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. Harsan and Gurpreet have requested that this film be listed for private viewing at this time. If you have a password, please enter it above. Vendors Photography – Joel Ross Photography Lighting – Elite Lighting Ceremony Venue – Sikh Society of Manitoba Reception Venue – The Fairmont Cake – … Read More

David+Gail Highlights

David+Gail Highlights from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo. David and Gail have requested that their highlights be listed for private viewing only. If you have received a password from them, please enter it above to view this film.