Ben+Diana | Cinematic Feature

Ben+Diana | Cinematic Feature from Michael J. Scott Productions on Vimeo.

“I value the meaning of being patient, because without patience, I would have not ended up with the girl of my dreams”

You always know going into filming a traditional Chinese wedding that there’ll be plenty of fun and even hilarious moments that are going to happen. We had the pleasure of being a part of Ben and Diana’s whirlwind of a day that brought about much laughter and joy as well as a few tears. I always love that bit of somewhat nervous anticipation the guys have before the ladies test them (one of many exciting Chinese wedding traditions). It’s safe to say, Ben and his boys stretched and danced through all those tests Diana’s ladies had prepared for them!

A question I always my couples is whether or not they will be writing their own vows to read to one another at the reception or not. Ben and Diana’s vows are a perfect example of why I’ll always recommend it if it’s an option! The vows they spoke to one another were incredibly poignant, personal, and romantic.

It is with great pleasure that we share with you, Ben and Diana’s cinematic feature!


Ceremony Venue – Assiniboine Park Conservatory

Reception Venue – Kum Koon Garden

Photography – Erwin Crescini Photography

Decorator – Just-in Couture